Glade House

DSCN1428 Glade House Transitional Housing

Staffed around the clock and supervised by licensed mental health professionals, Glade House is the longest continuously operating facility of its kind in the U.S.  It opened more than 25 years ago, before House of Ruth was founded.

Two different housing programs operate within the 5,500 square foot, 12-bedroom structure.  Eleven of the 12 bedrooms are devoted to the Transitional Housing Program.  This program offers men and women who are homeless and HIV-positive a safe, drug and alcohol-free community living environment for up to two years.  Intensive case management, group and individual counseling, and intensive outpatient addiction treatment are offered to help individuals become self-supporting and able to get and maintain independent housing.

Glade House Emergency Services

The 12th bed at Glade House is dedicated to Glade House Emergency Services.  The bed is emergency shelter for homeless men and women who have HIV/AIDS.  A person may stay up to 30 days while also benefitting from intensive case management designed to help the resident find suitable, stable housing.  The emergency bed was created to meet the needs of a particularly vulnerable population:  HIV-positive adults whose already-compromised immune systems are further threatened by sleeping in a room with many other people.